Friday, December 21, 2012

Something new! Meet Neri.

Hiiii. So excited to unveil this new project I've been brainstorming for...I've wanted to do something different that didn't just showcase my talents but everyone else's since last summer. I knew I wanted to set up interviews with whom I think are influential or will be very influential to others. So I thought, why not experiment with video interviews? I'm aware that I'm not the first to do sets of interviews but most blogs only do written ones. I'm hoping video interviews can set my blog apart from others. Editing videos has become a hobby of mine and instead of my usual music festival/adventure mash ups, I thought it'd be cool to change it up this time. The whole point of this new project is to reveal the varied opinions and goals these talented people have. Aside from questions about fashion, you'll learn what they're passionate about, what drives them, who or what is important to them, and etc.

For my first video interview entry, I had decided to personally interview my bestfriend Nereida Millan :) I've known her for eight years and she has to be one of the most motivated and awesome people I know. More importantly, honest and blunt. I can always count on her to be supportive especially when it comes to my goals. We shot her scenes in Central Park which turned out to be a success I'd say :) This video touches up on fashion, hobbies, work ethic, drive, friends, and family..check out her interview and some final edits from the photoshoot.

Twitter/Instagram: @neri_millan

 Photographed/edited by Angelica Barredo

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Photographed by Joel Moore
Edited by Angelica Barredo 

Ah, the famous Grand Central. Weird place to have a photoshoot in, you say? Well, that day it was raining so Joel and I had to get creative lol. In my case, I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Grand Central. I mostly hate it because it gets super crowded and not everyone in New York knows how to hustle, unfortunately. I love it because you get to see so much diversity everywhere - whether it's the dining course, apple store, terminals, or the main course itself. I'm not going to lie whenever I walk through Grand Central, I can't help but look around. You never know what you'll come across. There's people in costumes...women in wedding in suits...most of all, people that are anticipating to leave or others excitingly awaits the arrival of loved ones. I guess that's where I get my blog entry title from. It's the holidays and you can just imagine how packed Grand Central gets every minute. Being one of NYC's famous landmarks, it has also been featured in countless Hollywood movies. So ask again, weird place to have a photoshoot in? Not so much.

This entry includes one of my favorite sets of pictures Joel has ever shot of me. I also noticed my previous post has a similarity to this, outfit wise. What can I say, I love my tights in the winter! The idea of a camo jacket being used as a fashion accessory can be controversial. In my fashion forecasting class, I know my professor did not approve of the trend along with some of my classmates. I know some of you may think I'm sending out the wrong message wearing this but...I'm the last person you need to worry about when it comes to advertising war. In no way shape or form will that ever be my intention. I'm just a girl who likes clothes.. :)

On a less serious note, camo jackets have gone viral all of a sudden in my book. I mean, it's been around for years especially the 90's in its grunge period but not like this. Trends do recycle and it's that era! Earlier in the year, you may have only had luck finding camo jackets in thrift stores but they are now available in retail stores and e-commerce sites like Urban Outfitters, ASOS, or NastyGal. I think it's a pretty cool way to dress down an outfit if needed. For instance, I was wearing faux leather leggings with wedge booties one night and just threw the jacket on to give off a more casual look. With my ensemble up there, I used the wedge booties to dress it up. I figured having the boyfriend beanie on with the graphic cut off tank made me look super downtown as it is. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind...I actually believe I belong downtown rather uptown. You know when you're not even trying to go for a particular look and it just happens? That's what I'm starting to think when it comes my dressing and choices.

Also...layering! You can't tell but under my jacket, I had a hooded flannel button down...if you're not ready to start rocking heavier jackets, layering is a good way to look good and stay warm. My leg warmers believe it or not helped even if they weren't over the knee. Besides that, I thought the look would be incomplete without them. Everyone who thinks leg warmers are so 90's...well it's being brought back! Just be careful as to how you use it ;)

Ps. Huge thanks to Joel for letting me borrow his fierce sunnies!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Xx

ASOS beanie hat / Graphic cut off tank from Buffalo Exchange / TNA hooded flannel button down from Aritzia / Hearts & Bows camo jacket from ASOS / Tights from Mandee's / H&M leg warmers / Miss Me? platform wedge booties from Wild Pair / assorted jewelry from H&M & Brandy Melville

"A Funky Tribe Called Quest"

Photographed by Joel Moore
Edited by Angelica Barredo 

Hi everyone! Just wanted to quickly say Happy Holidays as well :) It's been awhile, I commend every blogger out there who has the time to make a new entry everyday. Between classes, work, and my internship - I was just very overwhelmed. Classes are over though!! I do work full time at Aritzia again but I'm trying my hardest to not slack and neglect my blog.

Anyways, you're all probably curious about the title of my entry tonight. There is an unbelievable story behind it and of course I got to share it with Joel hahaha. Couldn't have it any other way. It was a beautiful day so Joel and I decided to check out Washington Square Park, one of NYC's famous landmarks. It was in the New York University area, which is actually one of my favorite downtown spots. Speaking of downtown, I'm glad my look meshed with the surroundings. I was very late for my commute to the city that morning so I quickly threw on tights, a pair of lace shorts, a Hanes t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt over. To make it look like I at least tried a bit (haha), I finished off with a beanie, denim jacket, and platform wedge booties. I feel even if you just start throwing on clothes, you can still end up with something chic and badass at the same time. I've said this plenty of times in my past entries but I'll reiterate - accessorizing is key!

As Joel and I were discussing our next shots in the fountain, we saw this group of people stroll in the park, eclectically dressed. They immediately caught my eye especially with the boombox they were carrying. Each of them were dressed like artists from the late 80's-early 90's. I loved the bright colors and vintage pieces. Once I realized I was staring like a creep, I stopped and Joel and I were approached by a guy named Mitchell. He asked if we were down to participate in a music video they were shooting. A bit hesitant, we still said yes. Believe it or not, when put on the spot..I get camera shy.

Before our scenes, we met Roqui, Jazz, and Mikey - you guessed it, the group A Funky Tribe Called Quest. Aside from the group, Mitchell was also with a cameraman and director. It was cool being behind the scenes for awhile. We got to witness how they shoot - Roqui with her scene for example, and how the artist moves or acts. Joel and I were shot individually at first but got to share the screen a few minutes after ;) It was a fun experience, though I was very nervous the first few seconds. Imagine having to memorize the chorus of a song, looking straight into the camera, and dancing at the same time. Joel did awesome by the way...he showed off that footwork hahah. It was also a great opportunity to be around people that considered fashion as art. As you can tell from their name, their appearances live up to it. They represent A Funky Tribe Called Quest by combining music and fashion. Those two terms in my book are considered art. Everyone has to remember that art does not necessarily have to be a picture or painting on a could be portrayed in other ways.

I thought it was very interesting how the group had their own twists to their ensembles. Jazz pairing his awesome acid washed denim skinnies with a vintage varsity jacket and modern snapback, Mikey took a risk with print on print, but I thought he made it look cooler by throwing on the fur lined jacket, brown beret, pink round sunglasses, and 90's adidas sneakers (Run DMC, anyone?). Roqui with her purple motif - the sneakers and shirt with a pair of black high waisted skinnies and an oversized printed polo. Mitchell kept a somewhat of a British punk themed ensemble - an all black outfit with a white t-shirt and loafers with a distressed vest. I loved the design on the back of the vest as well, and a fun of the pins were his niece's!

Thank you Joel Moore, Mitchell Louis, and A Funky Tribe Called Quest for appearing on my blog! Good luck Roqui, Jazz, and Mikey!


TNA beanie hat from Aritzia / Ray-Ban sunnies from Sunglasses Hut / Levi's denim jacket from a thrift store / Talula lace shorts from Aritzia / Miss Me? booties from Wild Pair / Fingerless gloves from H&M

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Photographed by Joel Moore
Edited by Angelica Barredo 

Very late and last minute post! Sorry I didn't get the chance to blog a new entry last week my schedule was way too packed :( I wish I can blog from my phone...I probably can but I'd have to figure it out. Anyways, Joel and I shot in Soho that day. It had to be one of the harder days we had to work with because of the terrible weather. In the beginning of our shoot, it started raining which neither of us were prepared for! I was worried this would show on the pictures but we managed, thankfully :)

Originally, my ensemble didn't include the leather jacket. Towards the end of our shoot, it got incredibly cold so I cracked. At first I was unsure about the leather on leather but I thought it actually looked pretty cool with the fur vest balancing out the rock and punk edge to it. What would you guys do to tone down a very dark look? Those pair of leggings are also one of my favorites. Not only because they are pleather but the design on it is strangely dope. It is sort of revealing between the slits and fit, but if you wear the right top, accessories, and can take away some of that and switch the focus to those aspects for a little bit. I decided to pair it with a polka dot chiffon top and a chunky gold and black necklace. To me, polka dots give off that playful vibe. By pairing the top with the leggings, I thought they complimented each other well. The chunky necklace was almost given, the best types of necklaces to match with a chiffon blouse or collared shirt are the flashy ones.

Urban Outfitters sunnies / Forever 21 chiffon polka dot blouse / Necessary Clothing leggings / Aldo, Nordstrom booties / Forever 21 leather jacket / H&M fur vest / Calvin Klein purse / Aldo Accessories jewelry

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm not an athlete but...

I wear varsity jackets? Seems to be the trend these days, huh? I actually talked about this in one of my classes too, Fashion Forecasting..topic being the Trickle Up theory. I do believe this trend may carry on to the higher end. Not only are varsity jackets being seen on non-athlete male celebrities, but also women. With the demand and popularity, designers may jump on the bandwagon...putting their own twists to it, of course. Then again, there's that word "fad." A part of me is hesitating and thinking varsity jackets might just be history in a few weeks or months. It'd be interesting to see if this trend goes far in the fashion industry. Is it okay to wear them just for style or should they stay on athletes?

Photographed by Joel Moore
Edited by Angelica Barredo 

Yesterday was a pretty good day for a photoshoot, the freezing cold gave Joel and me a break haha. Joel told me about this building in Queens that was COVERED with graffiti. I didn't know that the landmark was that famous. It was called 5Pointz Mecca Building and I was completely fascinated by it. We didn't get a chance to go inside but we did take pictures around and outside the building. We thought it was interesting how outfits for that day completely meshed well with our backgrounds. We were both wearing neutral colored pieces and with the graffiti all bright and elaborate, it was as if WE stood out.

The whole scene was very urban and the jacket and beanie fit in fine. I decided to make the look a little bit more feminine by adding the black tights, black over the knees, and booties. For jewelry, I finished off with a chunky silver and rose gold necklace and tiny, simple rings on both hands. I'm a fan of dressing down but also dressing it up..or is it the other way around? It's weird that I notice how much my style has progressed.

In the beginning of high school, I wore a lot of Nike sneakers/flats and jeans..then towards the end of high school, all I wore were leggings/tights, combat boots, and blazers haha. I think the moment I started going to college in the city, my style definitely grew. I know what I can put together or what looks more flattering. I'm not an expert at all, I'm still learning and I like to discover new things...I'm more comfortable putting on pieces of clothing that people wouldn't think I'd wear. That goes for shoes as well. Who says you can't own sneakers if you own heels?

I guess what I'm saying is I don't stick to one look. One day I'm dressing like Mary-Kate Olsen, the other a complete girly-girl, or the next dressing like a boy haha. Ever since I did a research paper on Marc Jacobs last year, I suddenly became a fan of grunge in fashion. Kudos, sir. It's fun to mix pieces from time to time. By doing this, it proves a person doesn't need heaps and heaps of clothing in their drawers/closets. A girl can wear a certain item more than once and you wouldn't even notice. Accessorizing and knowing how to mix and match are keys :)

Urban Outfitters beanie hat, over the knee socks, and graphic cut off tank / Ray-Ban sunnies / Forever 21 varsity jacket and black tights / DSW booties / assorted jewelry from Aldo, H&M, & thrift stores